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BttF Top - An Actual Floating Mini Hoverboard

An Actual Floating Mini Hoverboard

Have you always wanted your own actual floating mini Hoverboard from Back to the Future? Hoverboard from Back to the Future? Check out my review for the NeoLev Limited Edition Signature Series Miniature Levitating Hoverboard Set. This Signature Series set was limited to 488. I knew I had to pre-order as soon as I saw the announcement. They promised to deliver in May. Sure enough, it arrived on time. Maybe even early since I got it in the first week. My brother and I ended up numbers 97 and 98.

How The Hoverboards Ship

I received a great looking USPS Priority Mail box adorned with Back to the future tape.
photo 1What’s In the Box

The individual boxes are pretty hefty. You get a certificate of authenticity, the magnetic base and 5 individually packaged miniature hover boards in this set.
1) Marty McFly
2) No Tech
3) Rising Sun
4) Question Mark
5) Pit Bull

photo 2

All are individually wrapped. They are quite tiny though. This set is actually a little smaller than I thought it would, but that’s not really a big complaint.

Signatures Included!NeoLevBttF3

The magnetic base features the signatures of:
John Bell – Overboard Designer
Robert Zemekis – Writer/Director
Bob Gale – Writer/Producer

Review of the Hoverboards

The base is solidly built and very hefty. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to me because magnets are really dense.
The hover boards were just a tiny bit disappointing. I wasn’t expecting foam tops with stickers. I was thinking plastic overboard with whatever was used for levitation inside the board itself. The miniature hover boards are just cutouts representing their full-sized counterparts with stickers for detailing on top. Being cut out of foam, they feature rough edges that don’t match up well with the initial product shots that they had put out.

What Is it Made Of?

The material on the bottom of the hoverboards that provides the opposing magnetic force is called Pyrolitic Graphite. An included information card from NeoLv states:

     -The board material (Pyrolitic Graphite) is similar to pencil lead. It is extremely brittle yet cuts through ice like butter.
It’s also noted that this collectible is classified as an “educational toy.” The NeoLev is a “Technology Demonstrator.” I think this demonstrates the technology very well. I still think that technology needs to move a little faster if we are to make the hover boards in Back to the Future II’s 2015 a reality in today’s 2015.
Either way, this is still a really great piece. I can’t wait to see what other Back to the Future collectibles are still to be made.

Check out My YouTube Unboxing

Check out my unboxing and initial impressions below.
Click Here to get yours at for $69.88
Delivered! TIME Loot Crate October 2015

NeoLev Back to the Future Levitating Hoverboard

Benedict Corpuz

Delivered! TIME Loot Crate October 2015

Benedict Corpuz

What is Back to the Future Day?

Benedict Corpuz
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