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NeoLev Official - NeoLev Back to the Future Levitating Hoverboard

NeoLev Back to the Future Levitating Hoverboard

A really cool collectable

NeoLev Back to the Future Levitating Hoverboard – NeoLev recently announced their latest 1:8 Scale Levitating Hoverboard with 8″ Half-Pipe Base. It’s not secret that I’m a huge Back to the Future fan so I was excited to find out about this new product. I’ve owned the other versions and was of their floating hoverboards and was pretty excited to get my hands on this. I put in my order at NeoLevTech’s Online Store right away. Founder and President, Eric Stave, was kind enough to ship mine ahead of the June release.


Video Unboxing

Check out my video unboxing below.

Levitating Hoverboard

This set is made on a larger scale. 1:8 scale to be exact. The board is made with ABSplastic and has two small strips of rubber magnet embedded. It floats higher and has a little give when you push down on it. The weight of the hoverboard versus the magnetic levitation power gives it a “wobble” as two repellent forces would. The floating is almost like a piece of wood on water. The last models had the mini-Hoverboards gliding on the track. This one showcases more of the levitation. When you drop it down onto the base,


8″ Half Pipe Base

The bottom half is made of a curved piece of rubber magnet oriented to oppose the magnets in the hoverboard. The curvature keeps the levitating hoverboard in the middle. The clear sides allow me to see how well the opposing forces are acting. The clear acrylic on each side is spaced perfectly to allow the hoverboard movement along he track, but not too wide as to let magnetic oposition the board flip over. I think I want to make a little foam board version of me to ride this board as it sits on my desk.


Signature Series

A special Signature Series, in partnership with, which features laser-engraved signatures of Michael J. Fox, Bob Gale, and Robert Zemeckis is available for pre-order from The Signature Series edition is limited to 2015 pieces and will debut at’s booth at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con June 2-5, 2016. Each Signature Series also comes with an optional glow-in-the-dark undercarriage for the hoverboard. 10% of the Sales of the Signature Series will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease Research.

NeoLev Levitating Hoverboard


Final Thoughts

I love collecting Back to the Future, especially ones like this that demonstrate things that were only imaginable when the movies were first released. I love that this set is larger than the previous NeoLev Hoverboard products. The hovering/levitation of the board is much more prominent in this set. I’d love to get my hands on some of the other official Hoverboards to be able to use with a base like this. That might be easier said than done. There may be difficulties in designing a Pit Bull hoverboard and having it stay level. Playing with this feels like how the hoverboard should act. In Back to the Future II, Marty drops the hoverboard and it springs back up. This does the same thing when you drop the board on the base.

I own the 4″, 6″, and 13″ tracks. You can see my original review for the NeoLev Back to the Future Signature Series 6″ Dual Track Hoverboard Set here.

 image 6 - NeoLev Back to the Future Levitating Hoverboard

About NeoLev Technologies

The NeoLev® Board technology uses diamagnetic levitation which is one method for magnetic suspension without the use of control devices, electromagnets, moving parts or materials requiring sub-freezing temperatures. Popular culture and science fiction enthusiasts have portrayed hovering vehicles in Hollywood movies and books, yet actual or scale models which levitate in place and move around haven’t existed for the masses—until now! NeoLev® is the first to really get fun off the ground—literally. The NeoLev® team has evolved from an inventor tinkering in his garage into a talented team of engineers, designers, social media experts, consultants, and suppliers dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of the NeoLev® Board and its technologies. For more information, visit

Where to Get?

NeoLev Back to the Future 1:8 Scale Hoverboard w/ 8″ Base Signature Series Back to the Future 1:8 Scale Hoverboard w/ 8″ Base

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