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Spaghetti Monster Colander Review

Spaghetti Monster Colander Review

Geek Gadget Friday - Let's check out this cute guy

Today we have the super cute Spaghetti Monster Colander Review from OTOTO for you!

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Who makes Spaghetti Monster Colander?

The whimsical Spaghetti Monster Colander is made by OTOTO. This company from Tel Aviv is made up of two friends who met at School. The company actually makes quite a few geeky products that have witty and unexpected twists like a bat wine opener or a Nessie laddle.

Colander Specifications

This uber-cute spaghetti strainer has two handle eyeballs and little leg feet to allow the water to drain out. It is made of sturdy plastic and is yellow in color. The dimensions of the Colander are 19.5 x 31 x 22. This means that it is deeper than a typical kitchen metal colander. Some people found it to be kind of small, but typical colander’s measure 26.7 x 12.7 x 26.7 so it just has a size in different areas than an old school metal one. It should still fit all your spaghetti or pasta no problem. There are holes about halfway up the device that a tiny enough to keep your pasta inside.

Spaghetti Monster Colander Review

Well, what can you say? It’s a very funny and whimsical spaghetti monster. Its bright yellow color is very cheerful in your kitchen. Every time you look at the thing you are likely going to smile. It just has that kind of effect to it. It works great for all your pasta draining needs but it also works great as a salad holder. If you are looking for a fun table piece serving bowl for your next salad this easily doubles as that.

We should mention here the somewhat additional meaning behind this piece…..

The religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

colanderhat - Spaghetti Monster Colander ReviewIf you have never heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster before here is a quick rundown.  The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monter or Pastafarianismtakes a lighthearted look at religion in general. It was originally created by Bobby Henderson in 2005 to protest the Kansas State Board of Education to permit teaching Intelligent design as appose to evolution in schools. Pirates also play a key role as the original believers of this religion. At the end of a meal, you can say “R’amen”.  The overall idea is to not take religion too seriously as the group believes that extreme religion can be dangerous.

That brings us to the spaghetti monster colander here. A colander is considered the “official headgear” of the Pastafariniam religion. Several people have worn one in their driver’s license photos. So many people are looking for the right colander to wear to express this religion and many people feel this is the one. Its whimsical nature represents what they are looking for in their religious beliefs. It fits securely on a person’s head if that is what you are looking for.

Of course, the spaghetti monster strainer can still be used as just a cute monster pasta draining device, but it is worth mentioning that belief here.

Final Thoughts on  Spaghetti Monster Colander Review

This super adorable monster pasta drainer does everything you need a noodle straining device to do. It also has a very appealing look to it. The yellow color is super bright and cheerful.  Almost every time I look at the thing I end up smiling a bit because it’s just so silly. The entire device is made of a sturdy plastic that holds up well to hot water and allows your pasta to drain properly. It also works great as a serving dish to other non-liquid items like a salad.

Spaghetti Monster 7 - Spaghetti Monster Colander Review

It is a great conversation piece for any pasta party, school potluck, or fundraiser either for its cute nature or the religious meaning behind it.

The device sells for roughly $15 on Amazon and you can click here to buy it.

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