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VR Review: Zombie Grenade Practice

It seems like everyone is jumping in on the zombie bandwagon these days. Why not? Killing zombies is fun. ARVI VR lets you do it without fear of zombies catching you. Zombie Grenades practice is kind of like a VR Angry Birds with the goal of getting rid of all of the zombies in each level. Most zombies games have you shooting zombies coming at you. Zombie Grenades Practice lets you kill them from a distance via different types of grenades via skill-based puzzle solving.

You are set to figure out how to kill zombies with the least amount of weapons as possible. There are different types of grenades that one can use. Parts of the environments also play roles in solving the puzzles.

 Zombie Grenades Practice Gameplay

The first couple levels serve as a tutorial. You first learn to pull the ring on the grenade to activate it. Then you learn about different types of grenades. There are normal grenades, grenades that explode on impact, bouncing grenades, and more. I found a little difficult using a trigger to hold the grenade as I wanted to let go of my controller when I threw the VR grenades.

The area the player stands on ranges from a small area in which you may not even have to move to complete the level, to an elevated catwalk in which you can traverse the whole level from the safety of above.

Objects found in the environment can help. You can destroy generator type things to open/close doors. There are land mines you can trip with other objects for more explosions to kill zombies. There are drones flying around that you can catch which help you with grenades attached to their undersides. You can even throw a drone at a zombie for a kill.

Each level has a 3-star system. You get 1 star for completing the level. To earn 3 stars, you need to complete the level with as few grenades as possible. This is a great way to get you to replay a level you completed.

Zombie Grenades Practice Graphics

The environments are very detailed. There were many items that I was surprised that i was able to grab. On the title screen alone there was a crate with bottles that one could actually break. There were some crates that I wanted to open which were There are also little tanks (?) hidden in each level. I discovered the first one on the first level when I went to grab a bunch of objects sitting on a desk and shelf.¬† I’ve only found a couple, but its another neat thing that ARVI did to get you to explore the environment. I found myself looking around quite a bit.

Zombie Grenades Practice Overall

Zombie Grenades Practice great game with a fresh take on killing zombies. The concept is great and the gameplay is fun. The game is both easy and challenging at the same time. It’s great to pick up for a short time or for the full 15 levels. I recommend it if you’re looking for a new VR experience.


Zombie Grenades Practice is available on Steam for $12.99

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