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A Shadow Falls: The Street Fighter V DLC Review

In 3 decades, the Street Fighter story has been told probably the same amount of times since its’ 80s conception. The facts were always the same, but the events surrounding these game endings seemed to be placed in a certain sequence for many interpretations to happen. Some almost near realistic, as Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie’s brilliance, lead by Ground TAC and Manga Entertainment, back near the 90s release of the Super Street Fighter saga, to those that seemed realistic but really turned more into something just as fictitious. Pretty much the Raul Julia swan song that was Street Fighter. Whenever Capcom seemed to fill in the holes, the pieces are never close to fitting the puzzle pieces as well as fans might need. Thus, this becomes the Street Fighter V DLC Review.

Street Fighter V’s story DLC is just that: a title that attempts to backfill for the 4 and 3: New Generation gap of tales to connect their world. Now, for people who are not following the series order, here you go:

  1. Street Fighter
  2. Street Fighter Alpha
  3. Street Fighter II
  4. Street Fighter IV
  5. Street Fighter V
  6. Street Fighter III

Who really kills Bison? How does Shadowloo loose its’ icy grip? Where does the Dark Hadou run when it loses to the power of good in protagonist Ryu? Where does the new protagonist, the Illuminati, come from and how did they replace Shadowloo? Questions like that seem to have sprung after III came to arcade towns. Of course, nowadays, it’s more about the competitive scene than actual character arcs, in the fighting game realm. However, due to lack of content, a story mode was needed for V to explain its’ focus. For myself, the first Street Fighter V DLC needs probably a couple more chapters.

DLC, Pre Orders and Unfinished Games

The story mode begins when hackers are abducted, by Shadowloo, to power a new satellite weapon capable of disrupting power generators within a city. Shadowloo tests this new device on New York, causing a bit of a ruckus, though Street Fighters from around the world begin to see this eclipse. Two factions of Street Fighters are formed to stop the organization responsible. One practically good, while the other having a side agenda that will set the stage for Street Fighter iterations to come.

The story mode is more cinematic than movement needed for A Shadow Falls. There are fights where your chosen character  is predetermined. The difficulty rises nearing the end of the story to annoying levels, but fights can also be skipped. It just affects the story completion negatively. The story in itself is more goofier than the more serious iterations. Certain items are either illogical or put together by a mishap. Characters from the new and old rosters are brought back to keep things moving along, though the flow seemed to be a bit off sometimes. All Season 1 DLC characters seem to be present, including upcoming arrivals Urien and Juri.

Street Fighter V DLC

Also, there might be potentially more characters brought to light, by Capcom, through this mode as other fighters. The Dolls have been turned into characters that will demand matches. These characters are barely complete, but it was a nice touch. Some people online are already requesting the Officer David DLC. The focus seemed to be placed on newcomer Rashid, who seems to be incoherently playing both factions, here. I also found this confusing since he’s just joining the world because of a personal matter more times than mainstay Chun Li, who has a vendetta with the dictator. This Street Fighter V DLC is no Mortal Kombat X. The world these characters ascend from hardly seems to be that concerned with the disaster. No calls from the UN or other powers of the impending tragedy. Just the Street Fighters seem be the only concern in Street Fighter V DLC.

My other biggest gripe is definitely the ending, whereas many of the characters do not get their resolves sorted out or even brought up to light. They just fade. Even Nacalli seemed to be a piece of material thrown in and explained in about 2 seconds of Dhalsim dialogue. Like any of the re-tellings before, we do see Ryu’s story put to an end through another visitation from his sparring partner Ken. Way too many questions seemed to be missing from Capcom’s version. And also, way too many characters missing from the Street Fighter V DLC. Gouken’s gone, yet he’s in the Ryu story arc for instance. With all that source material, Capcom neglected a bunch of it just to put out a Story DLC.

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Final Thoughts on the Street Fighter V DLC:

Street Fighter V’s original release was a problem enough, but as entertaining as it is: A Shadow Falls story mode barely makes up for lack of depth or stratagem on any front. Though the Illuminati are present, the steps to dethrone M Bison feels a bit flat. Capcom’s missed opportunity is definitely here in this 3-hour romp. Unlike King Of Fighters XIII and Guilty Gear Xrd, the Street Fighter story uses the anime narrative, yet loses touch. Lack of resolves, flashbacks, and the many victims of Shadowloo make A Shadow Falls short. This is weird for a Street Fighter V DLC, or a Capcom DLC in the first place. We’re introduced to several characters in the tale, yet not enough were brought into this experience, which makes the Street Fighter V DLC prone to criticism on fronts comparable to other iterations.

Street Fighter V's Getting Cinematics

UDON Comic’s current Street Fighter Unlimited run or any of those in the past. Even when 4 and 5 were introduced to the public, UDON kept the story intact and invited other members of the SF family to join in whether it was a quick cameo, an explanation, or an arc that would procure a spin-off. V keeps things simple without any attempts to kept the narrative.

If it’s a real narrative you want, go back to that TAM. I have it on DVD and nearly watch it at a Christmas-esque-occurring level. Bison’s final form is hilarious, but the voiceovers set a great tone. This concludes said  Street Fighter V DLC Review

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