October 23, 2018
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Is Westworld any good?

Cowboys, barmaids, six shooters, Anthony Hopkins, and … lifelike-androids? A wild west theme park where sex, killing, hold’ems on the table with a dark turn! Talk about meta! Giddy up for Kevin’s take on the ’10s HBO remake that has people overly invested into yet another ludicrous ride!


Is Westworld any good?

You’re getting off of a steam train with your stead mans touching sand and dirt. A stranger drops a canteen as you traverse through a small town, bigger than your neighborhood by a few blocks and wood crafted buildings. A wanted poster is littered on the wall of one of those. You keep going, making your way to the bottle. As you pick it up, a stranger promises riches through a task. You agree and decide to go on the exploit, while the thought begins to recess through your mind. You stare at your revolver and a poor soul who took either too many shots in both lead and spirit, though you chuckle. The thought continues to echo, “it’s just a game”. Most of these figures are not even real. Lifelike androids built on a fantasy. This is Westworld.

Is Westworld any good?I remember getting a haircut during an airing of the Akane No Mai episode. An onlooker, who was unfamilar, had issues keeping up with the show. “There are two different stories going on. What is this show?” she remarked. Westworld is serial. Nothing is truly self contained in this for episodic digestion. An arc is told in episodes. Sure – there is something that pulls you in, but if you haven’t been around This is my first rodeo with Hopkins in the silver screen, and he doesn’t fail to disappoint. As calculating as he can be, especially during the awakening of certain androids, or hosts – as the show calls it. These hosts are programmed to bring life to the theme that is.

Westwood is clearly a mind bomb in a way HBO could come to produce. With a well thought-out end goal in branching stories, to the random onlooker: it can render a difficult journey to surmise. Yet through its’ progression and pace, Westwood renders a spectacle within itself, . If the Wizard of Oz had a modern day, grounded-to-reality, self aware series: Westwood will be it.

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