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What’s in My Bag? CES Edition

My Bag is Heavy

I am a total gadget geek. There’s a lot of stuff in my bag. I gotta have (most) of my devices with me when I am traveling. I gotta have my mobiles, cords, entertainment devices, and extra power! My destination and the length of time I am there dictate what I bring. Sometimes I bring just a shoulder bag; other times I take a small roller with me.
I will be at CES 2016 in Las Vegas this week. I have been going to CES for the last couple years. I know how these events go when one is out and about all day. I packed accordingly.

What’s in my bag?

The following is a list of what’s in my bag while on my way to Las Vegas. I don’t necessarily have all of them in me while in the convention center, but know what I need. I’ll detail everything below with link to where you can purchase some of them.
Apple iPad Air 2
Amazon Kindle Touch
New Nintendo 3DS
Monster Inspiration Lite On-ear Headphones
Monster Power Outlets to Go 300
Innergie mini AC Ultra Small Adapter
iPhone AC Wall Charger

Monster Power Card 1650mAh
Monster Power Card Turbo 3350mAh
AviiQ Power Bank 4600mAh
Comkia 7200mAh
Lenmar Undead Power Helix 11000mAh
Kmashi 1500mAh
Rayovac Battery Charger
Rayovac AAA Batteries
American Tourister Travel Adapter
Karma Hotspot

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USB Plugs

There are all sorts of different plus we use these days. most devices are now USB based. One can never have enough USB ports. Most of our devices these days come with little ends that usually put out 1A of power. Some offer up to 2A of power to charge your devices faster.


Monster Power Outlets to Go 300 – This item features three 3-Prong plugs and 2 USB Ports with a combined output of 2.1A.
iClever 4-Port 20W Wall Charger – This wall charger features two 2.1A ports and two 1.3A ports.
Innergie mini AC Ultra Small Adapter – This was one of the first alternatives to the iPhone plug that I have bought.
iPhone AC Wall Charger – These are expensive little buggers, but they work.

Mobile Power


It’s all about the USB ports when charging these days. Instead of being stuck to the wall, one can now be mobile with mobile power packs. I own many types of mobile batteries with various powered USB ports.

Monster Power Card 1650mAh – This one fits in your wallet.
Monster Power Card Turbo 3350mAh – This one is a little thicker but fits in your wallet. It charges devices a tad faster.
AviiQ Power Bank 4600mAh – features two usb ports. 1x 1A 1x 2A
Comkia 7200mAh – Has one 1-1.5A (via a switch) and one 2.1A port.
Lenmar Undead Power Helix 11000mAh – Features Dual 1A ports and a high power 2A port.
Kmashi 15000mAh – This high capacity battery features one 1A port and one 2A port.

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Rayovac Battery Charger
Rayovac AAA Batteries

Keeping Wires Organized

I own 2 Grid-Its to keep my wires from getting tangled and organized. I bought 2 sizes to accommodate my needs. I brought the smaller one with me on this trip. There are so many straps that will hold an array of items.

You can find one here: Grid-It Organizer, Black (CPG5BK) Cocoon on Amazon


Going International

Just in case I decide to hop on an international flight, I always have this with me. It covers me in case I go to Europe or Asia. It’s not a surge protector, but most devices I have already have the capability to run between 110-220V.

Mobile Wi-Fi

When your phone data runs low or dolphins steal your data, you may be in need of some wifi. The mobile hotspot I use is a Karma Hotspot. It’s a mobile hotspot where you pay for only the data that you use. The data doesn’t expire. Also, when you share your connection, you earn 100MB per person that connects.
I got my Karma Go earlier this year. Check out my review here.
Use my code for $10 off yours:

Mobile Phones

I may be an oddball, but I carry extra cell phones with me. My main phone is currently an unlocked iPhone 6S Plus. I also have a Nokia Lumia Icon on the Verizon Network as well as an HTC One M7 on T-Mobile. The latter 2 are GSM unlocked. They really help out when I travel. I buy SIM card in whatever country I am in and pop it into my phones. Since my iPhone is locked, I just share the data from the other two phones so I can have access from the phone. Having these 3 phones in my bag really helps me out.

As I go along,the gadget I carry will evolve. We’ll see what’s in my bag next time. I wonder what event I will be at next.

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Disclaimer: The following items were given to me by their respective companies as gifts for attending certain events. I was not paid to endorse these items, but I do use them.
-Lenmar Helix Battery Pack
-Monster Products Power Card & Power Card Turbo

Amazon Video Prime San Diego Comic Con Experience

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