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KarmaGoNYC - Karma Go WiFi Hotspot Is A Go! Field Test and Review

Karma Go WiFi Hotspot Is A Go! Field Test and Review

Karma Go WiFi Hotspot Field Test and Review

I posted an initial overview of the Karma Go on my own blog

I got my original Karma device to augment the data plans on my multiple mobile devices. Since a certain carrier likes to throttle my data speeds once I get to a certain threshold, I needed something that helped me stay up to speed. I pre-ordered the Karma Go Wifi Hotspot as soon as it was made available.

On the day I received my Karma Go, I had to put some miles on my car to reset a computer after replacing a part. I figured it would be a good opportunity to test reception so I brought it with me during the ride. Unlike the Karma Classic, the signal stayed strong during my 30 mile drive down the 101 freeway. I then drove back through town and then back up another parallel freeway that went through the mountains. It did not cut out at any time.
KarmaGoSF - Karma Go WiFi Hotspot Is A Go! Field Test and Review
I used Periscope during my drive, streamed music on Google Play Music, made a FaceTime Audio call, as well as Tweeting and Facebooking along the way. I never had any interruptions in my connection. ON the way back home, I put my Android phone into airplane mode, but kept the wifi on. Everything worked perfectly. The Karma Go Wifi Hotspot started out strong in my book.
I’ve used my device in the SF Bay Area, Seattle, Newark, New York City, and Eugene, Oregon just the other night. The connection is strong everywhere. Karma Go is so much more reliable in more places.


Spreading Karma

KarmaGoEug - Karma Go WiFi Hotspot Is A Go! Field Test and Review

I travel quite a bit as it is the nature of my day job as a flight attendant. I also travel on my leisure time as well. I used to pick up connections with my Karma Classic, but reception was spotty so I only sometimes turned it on. I would sometimes have to position myself next to a window to get an ‘ok’ connection. With the Karma Go, it just works. I can turn it on anywhere and anytime and know I will get a connection.


I turn it on when I know I’ll be sitting somewhere for a bit even if I’m not gonna be using it myself. I usually get a connection or two while here or there.
Karma Go headed to SFO airport with me.
I recently flew to Newark from SFO on my way to Scotland. While sitting and waiting to board my flight at SFO, we were delayed 2 hours due to a storm in the Newark/NYC area. I decided to turn on my Karma Go since I know SFO Airports WiFi can get congested at times, especially with as many people as I saw in the gate area. A couple people connected during the two hour wait to board. When I got to Newark and had the chance to sit down, I turned it on again. I got a couple more connections. I ended up with 12 connections that day. Thats 1.2GB if earned data. Not bad for sharing my connection.
Karma Go outside the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

It’s too bad that I can’t use my Karma Go device when abroad. How awesome would it be to have a hotspot that works internationally? I have to buy a new SIM card and prepay for data when I travel abroad. I took a trip to Scotland and stopped in Amsterdam on the way back. I think I recall something about Karma having an office or something in Amsterdam.

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On the way back from Europe we decided to visit my sister and wander around New York City since we was already jet lagged. I kept my Karma Go Wifi Hotspot on while I was on my NYC adventure. I picked up another 14 connections during the day and a half I was there. That’s another 1.4GB that I earned for myself while sharing my connection with others.
Using my Karma Go in New York City
I love seeing the Karma Notification “XXXXX has joined your Karma. you saved their day. 100MB gained.” It makes me feel like a super hero. I’m helping them, but they may not know that they are also helping me.



I have field tested the Karma Go Wifi Hotspot for 3 weeks now and am very happy with this device. I am already using it more than the Karma Classic. The LTE connection is so much more reliable than the WiMax connection of the original. Upload and download speeds are way faster. It has worked everywhere that I have used it thus far. I’ve even used it inside buildings and up to one level underground.
The philosophy behind the device makes perfect sense. With other hotspots, people wanted to hoard their connection to themselves. With Karma’s model, sharing your connected helps both you and others at the same time. So why not spread the karma.
If you are still using the Karma Classic, you definitely need to upgrade to Karma Go. If you don’t have a wifi hotspot yet and re shopping around for one, I highly recommend the Karma Go if you need one. You’d pay just as much, if not more, for a similar device at one of the big carriers. You may get tied into a contract with them. There’s no need to worry about a subscription fee or expiring data. Karma has none of that. You pay for your device, it’s yours. No contracts. You pre-pay for your data, it’s yours until you use it.
According Karma’s newsletter, they have shipped 10,000 of the pre-ordered units out. This is half of all Karma Go units that were preordered. If you haven’t ordered one yet, your chance to get one is coming. There’s gonna be a lot of Karma out there.
I give this device 10/10 Karma Points. Go spread Karma.
If you’d like your own, use my link to get $10 off. I also earn $10 in credit as well. Spread the Karma.

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