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How to buy virtual land in the metaverse

How to Buy Virtual Land in the Multiverse For Free

You too can own some virtual property for no cost in a pseduo metaverse

Ever since Facebook/Meta announced it was going all-in on the Metaverse, there has been a lot of confusion by regular people. How can I get to this Metaverse? What Is It? And of course the most popular…. How can I make money!? or How do you buy virtual land in the Metaverse?

Today I will show you a step-by-step guide to getting involved in a VR game called the Multiverse and buying yourself some virtual property if that is something you are looking to do.

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Setup Your Multiverse Account

MultiverseLogo - How to Buy Virtual Land in the Multiverse For Free

For this round of the pseudo metaverse, we will be using an app called Multiverse to buy virtual land. Multiverse is NOT the Metaverse. But it certainly isn’t stopping their marketing department from using the hype. Multiverse is a game with many VR-created worlds in it. One of the newer ones is called Infiniverse and this is where you can buy some virtual land.

Multiverse is available for free in the Oculus store. So you will need an Oculus headset to access it of course. Then let’s get the account stuff out of the way.

  1. Download the Multiverse app. It is currently available on Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Rift for free.
  2. Login to the App and create your account. It will pull your information (like your photo) from Oculus.
  3. Go through the entire tutorial. It will cover teleportation, movement, interacting with objects, and more.
  4. Once complete you will find yourself in the main hub. Almost done!

com.oculus.vrshell 20220114 065948 e1642165619974 - How to Buy Virtual Land in the Multiverse For Free

The tutorial is quite good, arguably better than even VR Chat’s tutorial. Multiverse also allows you to remain invisible in ‘safe mode’ right from login, which is great to avoid kids, scammers, and loud people. Just keep safe mode on if you prefer. I did. That is about where my praise for this game will stop.

Now that you have created your free Multiverse VR account, you will need to entire one of the worlds IN the Multiverse called INFINIVERSE. This use to be the name that Multiverse called its “browser of metaverses” but now, it is where you purchase virtual land in the game.


From the main grand central lobby, head on over to the door that says INFINIVERSE.

Once you enter this area you will be presented with a sign that says “BETA”. This part of the game is very much under construction so expect things to change.

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You will also see a bunch of sky scrappers with various floors and on the floors will be people’s pictures. If you walk over to the door of one of these buildings, it will show you a list of all the various floors in that building, as well as the ones you can purchase and the associated Meta Coin cost.

How Many META Coins Do I get?

When you enter INFINIVERSE you will be given 500 META COINS for free to buy virtual land. This is in the in-game currency used in Multiverse. Here is a screenshot from their FAQ with more details.

METACOINSFAW - How to Buy Virtual Land in the Multiverse For Free

**NOTE**  Meta coins currently can NOT be converted in any way back to REAL money. DO NOT compare this concept to Bitcoin, Blockchain, or NFT. It is NOT. This is simply a game. More on that later.

The World of Infiniverse Beta – It is NO Metaverse

As you walk around you will notice the exact same cookie-cutter buildings again and again. Various people’s pictures will be on the floors they have purchased.

com.oculus.vrshell 20220112 175703 - How to Buy Virtual Land in the Multiverse For Free

It kind of looks like a bad Minecraft mixed with Roblox or maybe a Commodore 64 game depending on how old you are. The graphics are honestly pretty horrible by anyone’s standards.

Occasionally there will be slight differences in the landscape mostly involving statues – French Fries, a Piece of Cheese, Sushi, a Tea kettle will appear. Some water, some poorly designed trees. Sometimes the sky loaded, sometimes it didn’t.

That’s about it. Over and over and over again.

The penthouse apartments seem to be the “special ones”, just like real life. People want the fancy top floor. They also seem to want to overlook the virtual statues and lakes. Should any of these things matter in a virtual world where everything could very much virtually be visually equal? Deep thoughts for another day.

As more people buy into a building, it magically will grow taller, adding a new floor for sale. Your floor will be worth more Meta coins as people buy and sell around you or just with time.

I should mention here if it wasn’t clear yet – If this was a proper VR game that I was reviewing it wouldn’t even be getting 1 star. It is more like a school project created by VR game design students than anything even remotely considered a “metaverse” or even a proper game.

Now that you know what you are in for…. Let’s move on.

Where to Find A Cheaper 500 Coin Property?

Take your 500 Meta coins and start teleporting around the location. Remember teleport is A button. I found free-motion movement in this game absolutely horrible for motion sickness – It is ridiculously choppy – so just use the teleport.

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According to the FAQ on Multiverse’s website, the map is currently 20km by 20km in size and it currently looks like the below screenshot. So start exploring. Was this map made in paint? So poorly designed.

Infiniverse - How to Buy Virtual Land in the Multiverse For Free

You may have to walk quite a while before you find a property that costs only your 500 META coins. Expect walking maybe 15-20 minutes in one direction to find one. They are available though if you want to take the time. There is currently no other transportation method available.

How to Buy Virtual Land Once You Find It?

When you find a property that you want, simply aim at the door. Click Buy on the popup and it is yours if you have enough Meta Coins.

How Can I Buy More META Coins?

Remember this is FOR FUN, IN-GAME ONLY, NOT REAL CURRENCY. I can’t stress that enough.

DO NOT listen to individuals saying this will be the next big Bitcoin. It is NOT on the Blockchain.

Multiverse is simply a game and a pretty poor one at that. There is ZERO proof (including from the company FAQ themselves) that META COINS will be anything more than 100% completely in-game currency.

Think of your virtual property like Fortnite skins or a World of Warcraft mount, expect well… INFINIVERSE in Multiverse is very much an incomplete BETA game with nothing to do in it – unlike Fortnite or World of Warcraft.

That said if you want to buy a downtown location game virtual property expect to be paying a pretty penny.

You hover over the space you want to buy, the game informs you that you don’t have enough meta coins and do you want to purchase them. After this screen, you will be charged an in-game payment via the Oculus Store on your Oculus method of payment.

As you can see from this screenshot, It won’t come cheap. Current downtown IN-GAME ONLY properties cost upwards of $1000 of REAL money to buy virtual land.

com.oculus.vrshell 20220114 072457 e1642163282568 - How to Buy Virtual Land in the Multiverse For Free

Considering the state of the Multiverse Infiniverse game – The entire game is very much incomplete, not working, not great looking, and there is absolutely ZERO to do in the game beyond buying the property….. I highly advise against buying anything expensive like this.

Take your free coins, walk around a while, and buy yourself a free property instead if you want to participate in the hype. That part is sorta fun in a VR Chat/Rec Room kinda way.

What Can I Do With My Virtual Land?

As of the date of posting this, well, not much. You can log on to the website and upload 3 photos that will display on the walls of your virtual apartment. It should be noted of course that YOUR virtual apartment looks identical to everyone else’s virtual apartment. Even those smucks buying ones for thousands of dollars.

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You can take some screenshots and send them to your friends and brag about how you own Virtual Land. I uploaded a picture of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta speech and a Caramilk bar into mine.

com.oculus.vrshell 20220112 182244 e1642165229730 - How to Buy Virtual Land in the Multiverse For Free

Yup. That is about it. Multiverse promises to add additional features, but, well. What those will be, if anything, is yet to be seen.

How Do I Get Back To My Virtual Property?

After you have bought your virtual land, how do you get back to it the next time you load up the game?

This is also pretty tricky and not explained. After walking for 20 minutes, you might not remember which french fry statues your property was beside. Don’t Worry.

Pull up the menu on your watch. Then select the ME section and then finally, INFINIVERSE Beta in the bottom middle. Your virtual properties will be located inside. If you select them you will teleport inside immediately.

How Do I Get My Money Out of the Virtual Properties in Multiverse?

In case I didn’t stress it clearly enough yet. You can’t.

BrokePiggy - How to Buy Virtual Land in the Multiverse For Free

You can use your virtual META coins to buy other virtual land and nothing else. Seriously, do not put money into this experience unless you fully understand you are buying nothing more than in-game cosmetics in a VERY poorly created game.

Based on Oculus developer terms of service, for an app to be in the Oculus/Meta app store they can NOT allow

  • Real money gambling or promoting or giving users the ability to redeem or cash out in-game currencies or objects.

So the chances of you EVER being able to redeem money from ANY Oculus store app is pretty much never.

Final Thoughts On How to Buy Virtual Land in the MultiVerse For Free

The MultiVerse app is a game. It is NOT the Metaverse. This is NOT the Metaverse virtual property like Mark Zuckerburg was discussing for the future of Facebook.

If you want to buy virtual land, you can go and check out this Infiniverse Beta section of the Multiverse game to get a tiny idea of this specific developer’s ideas of what we may see in a metaverse future. (Hint: It won’t look like this at all)

The developers sure are making some money. No one else is.

com.oculus.vrshell 20220114 072315 e1642167132826 - How to Buy Virtual Land in the Multiverse For FreeA Final Warning…. You can waste a lot of REAL money on something that is just a game. Take your free coins and check it out if you want, but steer clear of investing real money into something that is very much not in any kind of state of working.



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Fantastic article. I am now forwarding this to every person who tries to get me into this app. I will also forward the link to everyone who asks me about this app. I checked out Multiverse went it first launched, and never went back. Their Infiniverse certainly won’t get me to take a second look.

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