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Color Space VR Review

Color Space VR Review

A wonderful relaxing coloring book

Let’s get started on this Color Space VR Review.

What is Color Space VR?

Adult coloring books have taken the world by storm in the last few years. It is an easy and relaxing way to calm yourself and spend some much-needed self-care on yourself. Color space VR is a beautiful and easy-to-use VR coloring book.

It should be noted like the animated picture below,  you are not ‘actually’ coloring back and forth the entire page, but instead selecting a color and then “filling” the white box with your selected color. This does not make it any less enjoyable.

If you are looking for an easy way to relax in VR, coloring is a great way to do it. Color Space VR brings this to the Quest 2.

Lighthaus - Color Space VR ReviewWho Makes Color Space VR?

Color Space is developed by Lighthaus. Lighthaus is actually a VR education company. They have created various education apps like Stanford Virtual Heart or VR CPR which can train people how to properly do CPR.



1410 - Color Space VR Review

Which Headsets is Color Space VR Available On?

Color Space VR is available on Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest 2.

Oculus rift 2 - Color Space VR Review MetaQuestLogo - Color Space VR Review

Color Space VR Review Experience

Color Space VR is not a game but a VR experience. Color Space is pretty straightforward. It is a virtual reality coloring book that is relaxing and easy to use.

There is a fun tutorial when you start off. It gives you the basic steps of navigating the coloring book world, how to select colors, remove them, and more. You color everything in by selecting an empty area and clicking with your paint wand. It will fill in in front of your eyes.

Then the magic begins.


Each page is not a flat image in front of you either. It’s like you are standing in a sphere of this world. Everything is 3 dimensional.

1412 - Color Space VR Review

There is soft and relaxing music playing in the background. Each time you click on a block in front of you to fill in the color, a faint tone plays that changes the background music slightly. This is a nice little touch that I enjoyed. You then set about coloring the magical world in whatever way you want.

As you color various parts of the world, they will magically spring to life! No longer a lifeless black and white page you suddenly have a beautiful animated object in front of you. The waves crash into the shore, and the dragon starts to breathe fire. It’s just a fun little extra. 1411 - Color Space VR Review

Everything is really low-key, relaxed, and simple.

There are currently 26 different types of scenes to color and explore. Nature, holidays, space, and mandalas to name a few. I imagine there are a few that will be of interest to everyone. Each scene can of course be re-colored many times. The developers have also released several free updates so far and I imagine that might continue.

Who Should Play Color Space?

This would be a great experience for younger or more senior VR players, but people of any age can enjoy coloring. The controls are very simple and people who need to play seated or have limited mobility could also easily enjoy Color Space.

Anyone who is looking for a more relaxed and fun experience in VR will enjoy Color Space. 1647 - Color Space VR Review

What I Would Like to See

I do wish there was a way to add custom pages to the world. Allowing users to create their own images or importing them in from a 3rd party site would bring a lot of additional re-playability to the game. Perhaps someday in a future release.

It also would be nice if some objects had more customization in terms of what fills in. Some objects in the world have certain shading already built-in, but the ability to color different gradients onto certain objects or break apart certain pieces that turn all one color would also be welcomed.

These suggestions would make Color Space more complicated, and that is not what they are trying for here, but they were thoughts I had while playing.

Similar games to Color Space VR?

Color Space VR is a relaxing and fun VR experience. Some similar games would be Tilt Brush, Quill Theater, and Tripp.

Does Color Space VR cause motion sickness?

NoMotionSickness e1614128840883 - Color Space VR ReviewYou play Color Space in a stationary environment. You look around the coloring page from one spot and point and click your wand to color.

Color Space VR should not cause any motion sickness issues.

Final Thoughts On Color Space VR Review

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