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drunkn bar fight vr review

Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

Let’s get started on this Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review.

What is Drunkn Bar Fight VR?

Drunkn Bar Fight (not Drunken Bar Fight, but Drunkn) is a pretty straightforward VR game where you attend various locations and beat people up.

Punch annoying, stereotypical humans, till they cower before you and leave the bar.

Munky - Drunkn Bar Fight VR ReviewWho Makes Drunkn Bar Fight?

Drunkn Bar Fight VR is developed by TheMunky. They are a small indie developer who has also made QuiVR.

Which Headset is Drunkn Bar Fight VR Available On?

Drunkn Bar Fight VR is available on Steam VR, PlayStationVR, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest 2.

Steam Logo 1 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review PlayStation vr e1614481141175 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review Oculus rift 2 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review MetaQuestLogo - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review Gameplay

As quoted from the Developer – “Enjoy performing socially unacceptable behavior without the resulting obligatory visits to the hospital, jail, and courts. The only limits to the mayhem is your imagination and your moral decency.”  So if you’ve ever just wanted to get your aggression out against annoying stereotypical humans then this is the game for you.

1673 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review“The tutorial” starts and is pretty brief you basically have a phone in your left hand and it gives you a few notifications that didn’t seem to actually work too well. I guess it’s supposed to walk you through the first few steps, but my phone just kind of hung at one point.

Overall, it’s not too difficult to figure out what is going on here. You walk up to the various locations where people are standing around. There are three bars, one store (cue Black Friday), and one alleyway at the time of this review

When you enter the location there are humans located around the establishment just sort of standing around. You can look at them, or because there really isn’t a storyline or plot to this game you can just walk up and start being annoying to them. Smack them in the head, poke them in their nose, attack them.

This will make the person angry and you will now be in a bar fight. If you or the individual happens to touch any other individual in the bar, they will also start in on the bar fight. Now you’ll have more than one person attacking you at the same time.

Just How Annoying Are These Characters?

These are super stereotypical character types you will love to hate. According to the developer, there are over 700 lines of “comedy”.  Here is just a sprinkling of quotes you will overhear

“My man bun took about a month to get just right”

“Bitcoin is going to be 300k in a month. I p*ss 300k daily”

“Yeah, I plan on moving out of my mom’s place soon. She’s such a pain in the *ss. I wish she’d leave me alone”

“My wife has brought home more threatening guys than you”

The girls might be even worse with lines like…

girl e1620011599902 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

“I once broke up with my boyfriend because he didn’t use enough emojis”

“Let’s get White Girl Wasted!”

“Thoughts and Prayers”

“It pays some of the bills but my dad pays the rest”

Yup. These are characters you will love to hate.

There is no Story… No Real Purpose or Point

There will be no story that appears. The only thing for you to do is to attack people. The game is purely aggressive, “socially unacceptable” choices for you to do in the safe world of VR. Had a bad day at work with a boss? Pop this game on and take out your frustrations is the only point here.drunknbar - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

This is also not a punch force measuring game. All you have to do is punch in the direction of the individual more than they punch you. How hard you hit doesn’t really matter. You can even just kind of flap your arms around if you want to.

Bruises will appear on the individual as you hit them. The entire time you’re punching them they will continue to say stereotypical annoying phrases to keep you punching them. If you do this enough times successfully, they will collapse to the ground and crawl out of the bar.

1724 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

You CAN get a little creative with attacking people. There are various items located in the world from tip jars, darts, and beer mugs to pool ques. Pick these up with your controller and use them to smack away.

Eventually, if you survive long enough, the police will show up and it will say that you conquered the level.

That’s it. That is the entire game.

It should be noted that the game is not difficult at all. As long as you are flailing your arms and repeatedly moving in the direction where the people are you will… “Win”. There are a few more things with much game exploration I was able to figure out and unlock. I’m pretty sure most people don’t get that far as these things are never explained in the game.

What happens when I get knocked out in Drunkn Bar Fight?

1677 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

Eventually, you will be KO – knocked out. When you do you will see your character on the floor. If you reach over with both controllers and pick “you” up by the shoulders, you can revive yourself and keep the fight going.  I found this kind of tricky to do on Quest 2. Once the shoulders are grabbed you kind of have to hold the triggers and lower the hands down to the side a bit. It is difficult to do rapidly in a short time, and since there isn’t really and “loss” to the story, it might be easier just to restart.

What are the special moves in Drunkn Bar Fight VR?

At the end of your fight, you will see a list of “special moves” that you have unlocked as discovered moves. Since these aren’t really explained or listed anywhere, it’s kind of confusing. Here is a list from the developer of what you can try for and unlock.

1723 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

Special Moves in Drunkn Bar Fight

Stitchz – Throw and break bottle off AI character head
Nutz – Hit AI character in nuts
Splinterz – Break chair on AI character
Coconutz – Knock two AI characters head together
Ballz – Fight 4 or more AI characters
Bullzeye – Hit an AI character in the eye with a dart
Shardz – Break a window
Salutz – Give the middle finger
Cheapz – Beat the game only using one chair
Tunez – Change the radio station
Comboz – Hit an AI character up in the air and punch him before he lands
Toughz – Stand up from first KO
Collateralz – Hit someone in the peanut gallery with a thrown object
Powerupz – Drink 5 drinks
Giantz – Drink 10 drinks
Buttz – Head butt

Each time you do one of these things you will get extra points and applause from the bar.

Drink to your Strength

1675 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR ReviewAround the bar will be various alcoholic drinks. If you drink them, the game will turn blurry for a second – like you are drunk.  Once you do this 5 times, you will power up. It will also happen at 10 drinks. This is important if you want to stay in the fight and keep attacking people. So get drinking!

Don’t Punch the Annoying Girls… Even if you are a Girl.

As I was playing, a girl walked into the bar. I am a girl. She was annoying like the other characters, so I punched the girl. The crowd started booing. I get why this happens of course, but I thought it was odd that I am not supposed to punch other girls.

girls - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

The game never asks if I am a girl and I realize I am not the target market for this game. But it did seem odd that the entire purpose of Drunkn Bar Fight is to randomly beat people up without any conscience, but punching a girl is still morally wrong…. even if you are a girl.

Instead of punching girls, the developer suggests that you rest a bit, look around the bar and find some drinks. Like so much, this is never explained in the game though. Your only hint that punching the girls is wrong is the booing you will hear when you do it. Many will just keep punching, myself included.

Clear your VR Playing Area

It should be expressed that this is one of those games where people get lost in the moment and damage themselves or their environment. If you have a TV, ceiling lights, fans, and wall units near you, you are going to want to move away from them. Many photos are posted online of people getting too close to boundaries, breaking their fingers, and destroying the TV from this game.BrokenVrTV - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

You can move with the controller in-game so you don’t need to move in real life to punch people. Try and remember that to save your hands.

Drunkn Bar Fight VR Multiplayer Experience

1726 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

There is a multiplayer experience in Drunkn Bar Fight. You select multiplayer from the phone menu. You are able to choose friends of yours who are online who also have the game or you can select to join a random room.

I tried to do this random room 10 times on the Oculus Quest 2. 8 times the game timed out and showed this screen, with the obvious not correct text. 1719 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

1 time it connected to another person, but when they entered a bar the game once again timed out. 1 final time the game loaded and there were 4 other multiplayer people in the same room. The headset lagged so bad and nothing was working that I had to force quit the app.

This seems to have ok reviews on other platforms so this may be an Oculus Quest 2 issue only or maybe a bad week for the servers.

You can instead invite your Oculus Friends to the game with you. I got this working without issue. When you invite your friend, the leader will walk to a location and you and your friends will take on the NPCs together. Starting up a party and playing together this way allow you to have some commentary and makes it a more enjoyable experience in my opinion.

1717 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

If you’ve watched any YouTube on this game, you can see most people enjoy playing with their friends like this.

Party Mode in Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

There is no local party mode in Drunkn Bar Fight, but you could easily have people over, stream to your TV and have some laughs with a friend locally.

MultiPlayer - Drunkn Bar Fight VR ReviewNoParty - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review


Meta Quest 2 bugs

I saw many Youtube playthroughs of this game before reviewing it. Almost all of them were on Steam VR. There are some differences with the Meta Quest 2 and quite a few bugs.

The main difference is the amount of NPC in the locations. On the quest version, there will obviously be a lot fewer people in the bar.

  • A lot of the items are hard to pick up or don’t pick up at all. If you try and pick them up they instead fly across the map or worse break in your hand instantly. Although the ragdoll physics is part of the game, I think this was glitches more than not.
  • As mentioned Multiplayer with random people never worked or loaded for me in the 10 times I tried. It did work with my Oculus friends invited though.
  • It is almost impossible to revive yourself from a KO on the Oculus Quest 2. Selecting the shoulders and trying to pull yourself up usually didn’t work.
  • The gore effects in the PC version are not here. There is zero blood in the game.
  • You only see your hands until you are KO. The same goes for your friends in multiplayer. Only a head and hands.
  • There is also a weird glitch while the loading screen between matches is displayed on the Oculus Quest 2. The loading screen kind of sticks to your headset and moves around while loading. It is VERY disorienting, even for seasoned VR players. It basically is making the ‘whole room spin’ as this logo moves around as you move. Not great.

1672 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

It definitely seems like this game is unfinished and buggy in the Oculus Quest 2 version and I hope the developer addresses some of these issues.

Can you work out with Drunkn Bar Fight? Is Drunkn Bar Fight VR a Fitness Game?

Elliptical - Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

Because you are doing nothing but rapidly punching people, Drunkn Bar Fight is a workout game. According to Yur.Fit you burn 4.8KCal/Min or Equal to Ellipticals.

This is one of those games where you can be as aggressive with punching as you want. The harder you punch, for longer periods of time the greater the workout.

Does Drunkn Bar Fight VR cause motion sickness?

MayCauseMotionSickness e1619998884307 - Drunkn Bar Fight VR ReviewDrunkn Bar fight has in-game movement and minimal comfort settings. You can physically move around in your home environment or you can use the control stick to move instead.  Physics does not really apply in this game and bodies can and will go flying in weird ways. Getting virtually punched in the face can bring out panic feelings in some people.

Between strange physics, physical violence, the loading screen glitch, and the movement settings Drunkn Bar Fight may cause motion sickness issues.

Final Thoughts On Drunkn Bar Fight VR Review

This game is not going to be for everyone. Completely senseless violence being the only purpose of the game is also rather short-lived even for those who want that kind of thing. Although it might be fun to pop on after a long day of stressful customers at work, I don’t see most people returning to this game on a regular basis. There just isn’t all that much to do.

It can be fun to invite your friends over, or start an online party,  have a few drinks, and pop this on as a party game though.

It really feels like there are a lot of bugs in the Quest 2 version compared to the Steam VR playthroughs I have seen, so do keep that in mind.

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