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Mass Effect Andromeda Review

Kevin Kelly
A New Earth. Many have wanted this wish to be granted. Even in reality, man has craved it. Many TV series and seasons have yearned for it, but can it really become real? Let’s get started on this Mass Effect Andromeda Review. Mass Effect Andromeda seems to be BioWare’s answer to various fictional work, thrown in with some of the best of intentions. After a 5 year hiatus from Mass Effect 3, Andromeda has some......
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10 Best Story Telling Video Games

David Sarachman
We love stories. Check out the 10 Best Story Telling Video Games of all time. What more, we love the mediums we use to tell these stories, but, we also delight in finding new ways to tell them. Cave paintings? Check! Plays? Check! Books? Check! E-Books? Sure, Check! Movies? Hells yes! Check! TV? You betcha! Check! Poetry? Obviously! Check! Youtube videos? Sure, why not? Check! Video games? Huh? Wut? I’m going to be honest with......