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Get Schwifty in VR, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Review

Benedict Corpuz
​   If Adult Swim’s April Fool’s Day showing of Season 3 Episode 1 wasn’t enough to satiate your thirst for more Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality might help to calm your nerves a bit. This “schwifty” virtual reality experience is both a great game and great fan service experience. Owlchemy......
Video Games

10 Best Story Telling Video Games

David Sarachman
We love stories. Check out the 10 Best Story Telling Video Games of all time. What more, we love the mediums we use to tell these stories, but, we also delight in finding new ways to tell them. Cave paintings? Check! Plays? Check! Books? Check! E-Books? Sure, Check! Movies? Hells......
Video Games

NASCAR Heat Evolution is coming!

Ian Johansen
NASCAR HEAT EVOLUTION,  a new NASCAR licensed title that is looking to be coming to a next gen console AND Windows PC near you (via Steam). After Dusenberry Martin Racing acquired the NASCAR’s simulation video game license for console from  Eutechnyx Limited, there’s been hope amongst us in the racing game genre that a quality......