Rick and Morty Vinyl Figure from Kid Robot

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!


Wubba lubbe dub dub! This is the Rick and Morty Medium 7″ Figure fromAdult Swim and Kid Robot.

The Figure

This figure features Rick and Morty emerging through a portal on one side and an unknown Gromflomite coming through on the other side. I”d like to think Rick and Morty are escaping from some shenanigans on Gromflom Prime. This collectible art figure is made out of high quality vinyl. The artists didn’t skimp on the paint. It is very detailed.

Check out my video unboxing here:

The Box

The box features a 2D representation of the figure on the sides. The back features art of what I’d like to think is a successful escape. The inside features a background for when you want to display in the box. Squanchy!

Get schwifty and grab yours on Amazon.com or KidRobot.com

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