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Dhalsim joins Street Fighter V with a Release Date In Tow

After the latest build of Street Fighter V descended to a recent closed beta recently(with issues plaguing certain PS4 players), a certain mystical fighter has returned. Dhalsim joins Street Fighter V as one of the returning vets and launch characters, revealed at Paris Games Week 2015. Sony was proud of itself for their title’s exclusiveness. Just look at that guy’s face as he announces the trailer! A beard, a turban Dhalsim actually keeps on to him, a new India train stage, and several new fight tricks, all seem to show face in the trailer. The same snail pace is kept in the execution of the yogi’s moveset. Yoga stream being one of them. Alongside his return, in the trailer under all my musings, comes several recaps as to who’s coming to launch dinner. Here I was still hoping for Oro to be the game’s mystic since we haven’t seen him since 3 and – hey – HE’S THE OLDEST BLOODY STREET FIGHTER CHARACTER IN THE SERIES AND ONLY APPEARS IN JUST ONE PART OF IT! Sadly, it’s left to Dhalsim to start the SF V deck.

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What Dhalsim Means To The Series

As to where V fits into the series, which could see a clearer picture to be painted by UDON Comics through its’ upcoming¬†Street Fighter Unlimited¬†run, it’s hard to tell where Dhalsim would be placed plotwise. More village kids to save? Ryu and Sagat needs another training breakthrough? The Illuminati are ruining the balance of the universe? Rose needs an intercessor? Too many possibilities left on the table for die hards to figure out. Only Capcom and Square Enix would know that for sure. We already have a modern day ‘sim, as my friend pointed out during our reaction texts. Still, Dhalsim has a connection to the fighters in the comic books moretimes than Necro. Slamdance vs. Yoga Flame? Endearing wife vs rollerblading psycho girlfriend? Well, I guess I’d still vote for Dhalsim. Dhalsim does have some Oro-esque moves to accompany his v-trigger. A few projectile vollies and teleportation tricks. Perhaps 90s ‘Sim is better than late 90s ‘Sim.

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Speaking of dates, mark February 16th, 2016 on your calendars. According to major outlets, Street Fighter V is coming to PS 4 and PC on this date, giving console players and hermits a shot at about a quarter year training session before pro gaming fiasco, Evo 2016, surfaces with SF V in the roster. It’s down to one last character of the 16 initial deck. With betas still to come, there’s always room for more news as the game is reaching its’ final phases before obtaining the status that has more carots than rabbits could eat in January. Dhalsim joins Street Fighter V, but no word has been made as to when we will do yoga in Street Fighter Vs future builds.

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